Adam Cheyer: Siri Co-founder on the rise of mainstream AI

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Adam Cheyer: Siri Co-founder on the rise of mainstream AI

Adam Cheyer

The world knows Siri. It revolutionised how we interact with AI and some say it brought AI to the mainstream.

Adam Cheyer is the co-founder of Siri. In this conversation, Adam shares his story on being approached by Steve Jobs, turning down and offer to join Apple, and eventually partnering to bring Siri to the world. He shares the origins of Siri, his vision for it, and more generally his thinking around open AI, and the future of AI.

Many associate Steve Jobs with revolutionising computing, the iPhone, music and the Apple ecosystem. But perhaps his greatest accomplishment, was bringing AI to the masses.

In this podcast you will, for the first time, hear Adam Cheyer open up about how Steve felt about Siri.

The fact is, Siri was launched the day after Steve Jobs passed away.

“Steve Jobs was clinging to life to see the launch of Siri.” According to Steve Jobs’, Executive Admin.

This is a rare opportunity to hear from a legend, and pioneer in AI, Adam Cheyer.


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