All Things Social – John Rocker, Dynatrace

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All Things Social – John Rocker, Dynatrace

John Rocker is the social media director at Boston based tech firm Dynatrace. He is just one of those people, you know, someone that you just want to hang out with, listen to, have a beer with, work with. I got to do all that.

Social media managers are rarely recognised for what they do. They are customer support, product update, demand generation, brand awareness and community evangelists. It’s not an easy role, often under-appreciated, and yet so critical to companies.

In this podcast, I’m joined with my old co-host Claire Palmer, to chat to our old friend about social media, the tools he uses, what he likes and dislikes about the role, and how to make events fun.

It’s a fun episode, on the longer side, but it’s always my rewarding having a virtual chat with your friends, who are humble, and yet are so good at what they do.

I hope you like it.

About John Rocker in his own words

Jack of all trades. I have a variety of interests which include social media, journalism, videography and analytics. I’ve applied these interests in the workplace and have diligently leveraged them to achieve successful business outcomes for organizations and clients.

10+ years of experience in the marketing industry including stints in healthcare, online/mobile gaming and higher education. I have created or assisted in the creation of strategies to increase brand awareness, drive user acquisition/retention and build engaging online communities via social media.

Have a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a great asset for any organization, including: social media strategy, social media advertising, social media training, market research, client management, online community building/management, analytics, insights, conference planning, public relations and user acquisition/retention strategy.

Never stop learning. That is the philosophy I live and work by. Our world is rapidly evolving. New platforms, technologies and ideas are continually emerging that can help myself and businesses achieve new milestones. It’s imperative to stay current, stay informed and stay relevant. In order to achieve these three goals, continually pushing oneself to learn, is not an option, but a necessity.


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