Ari Kaplan – The Real “Moneyball” Guy

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Ari Kaplan – The Real “Moneyball” Guy

Ari Kaplan

Fancy having a movie made about how you transformed the way sport was played. Ari Kaplan is the inspiration behind the movie Moneyball. Today Ari is an evangelist for a leading AI platform – DataRobot, and in this podcast he sits down to discuss;

– The infamous story behind the analytics revolution he started in MLB.

– How he became a critical decision maker in player recruitment, team tactics, and even player ‘in game’ tactics

– He shares some of his favourite player selections and the careers that almost might not have been, if it wasn’t for analytical decision making

– And lastly how AI will change the way we live, work and play.

Ari is a rare dude. It’s not wonder he is held in such high regard by all that come across him. From owners of major league baseball and basketball teams, to musicians like Eddie Vedder. Yes, Ari has hung out with Eddie on many occasions, and he shares how the Pearl Jam front man took his guitar onto the street to busk outside a Chicago Cubs game, with very little fanfare.


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