Brian Solis: Innovation, AI and CX over Wine

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Brian Solis: Innovation, AI and CX over Wine

Brian Solis is a digital analyst, speaker and author, and has recently joined ServiceNow as head of Global Innovation. We’ve been virtual friends for a long time, speaking on various stages together about disruption, innovation, culture and digital experiences.

I found Brian headed to Melbourne, and I took the chance to grab him for 30 mins and over a champagne we hit some big topics;

  • Mega and Micro Trends; how do we keep up?
  • AI – How do we embrace it?
  • What’s going on with Digital Experience? Are we getting it right or wrong?
  • Champagne or Wine? That was an easy topic.
  • Q on Q vs Long Term Vision. How to balance both.
  • Cultural and leadership Empathy.

It was a fun chat, and my brain was nicely spent. As usual I wish I had more time.


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