Cade Metz – Genius Makers; The Mavericks of AI

A podcast exploring AI, Tech, CX and Data

Cade Metz – Genius Makers; The Mavericks of AI

Cade Metz

Cade Metz is a New York Time Journalist and author of Genius Makers, which details the modern history of AI. This conversation covers a number of interesting topics;

  1. The ethical ideology of AI leaders including Google, Microsoft and Facebook. How they acquired AI, what they’ve done with it, what they might do with it.
  2. Why did everyone choose to sell their AI to Google? Ethics?
  3. Facebook – Ethical AI or not?
  4. The difference between the US Government access to AI and China.

It’s a fascinating chat for anyone that is interesting in AI, social media, privacy, ethics and the rise of big tech.


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