Tricia Wang: AI and Big data isn’t the answer

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Tricia Wang: AI and Big data isn’t the answer

Tricia Wang

“We’ve been told a lie.” Analysis of quantitative data will tell you what you already know. ‘Humanising data’, shifting from data collection to  data understanding, and finding meaning, might just be the key to unlocking new insights which could make or break your company.

In this podcast I chat to Tricia Wang, a tech ethnographer, who studies the behaviour of how people analyze data using technology. There is a lot to unpack in this conversation. So many of the strategies shared by Tricia seem painfully simple, and yet why is it that we don’t practice them. “Get close to the customer.” So many companies say this, but why are they failing miserably at truly understanding what the customer wants, and actually delivering on it.

The big themes that will make you go ‘mmm’;

  • Why it’s important to find meaning in your data
  • You think you’re close to your customer but are you really understanding and serving their needs, wants and desires
  • Reporting overload is at pandemic levels
  • The ‘department of the unknown’ might unlock the secrets to the insights you need
  • AI needs human to interpret, translate and action.
  • ‘The Spatial Collapse’ defines our current work/life/play, but how will it evolve?

Collective Intelligence – What did you learn?

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