Libby Trickett – Finding Happiness After The Olympic Gold Rush

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Libby Trickett – Finding Happiness After The Olympic Gold Rush

Libby Trickett is an Australian Swimming Champion. With 4 Olympic Gold Medals to her name, across 3 Olympic games, the last games in London in 2012, Libby is simply ‘elite’. But life after the pool wasn’t so easy on her. She has openly discussed her mental struggles in her transition from the pool to a working life, and again in this podcast, goes into quite a bit of detail on her struggles.

This podcast came about as a chance encounter. I stumbled on Libby’s name replying to a comment from fitness tech brand Peloton, asking ‘when is the treadmill coming to Australia’? As a fellow obsessed Peloton devotee, I reached out, as I was naturally inquisitive to hear how an Australia Olympic champion was using the platform.

Libby is a wonderful human as you’ll hear in this podcast. The sort of person that, after you listen to this podcast, it will feel as though you’ve known her for years. An honest, open, hilarious, and humble human. It’s absolutely no surprise to anyone as to why the country fell in love with her as an athlete, and why she continues to inspire people through her podcast, and her work outside of the pool.

Could she be the first influencer to lead a Peloton community in Australia? Absolutely. I’d certainly take every single one of her classes!

This podcast openly discusses mental health and depression. If you are struggling with mental health challenges, or feel the need to talk to anyone, please do reach out to Beyond Blue. We both, Libby and I, feel that depression is something that should be openly discussed and normalised. Please don’t feel afraid to have a conversation.

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