Gene Kim – DevOps and High Performing Teams

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Gene Kim – DevOps and High Performing Teams

Gene Kim

Gene Kim is the co-author of the Phoenix Project and the Unicorn Project. Anyone involved in software development has read his books, or have heard him speak. Those that haven’t, probably haven’t fully appreciated the effort it takes to ship quality software that we use everyday.

In this podcast Gene talks about the evolution of DevOps, his favourite inspirations, how enterprises are evolving into software development houses, and how to benchmark your DevOps maturity.

His story telling includes a fantastic ‘mind altering’ reflection on running, maintaining, and developing the software that runs the Navy, as well as ‘software updates that can be deployed’ whilst a car is driving.

You will buy his book, or one of the books he recommends during this podcast.

Gene talks fast, is super resourceful, so it’s awesome to have this recorded so you can hit pause and reflect!


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