Matt Heine – CEO’s that talk Microservices and AI

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Matt Heine – CEO’s that talk Microservices and AI

Matt Heiner

It’s David vs Goliath. They say take care to take on Goliath, but in the tech world that’s just what companies have been doing, differentiating their service offering through superior CX/UX, agile delivery and AI.

This story is a cool one, where we are joined my joint Managing Director Matt Heine. What did and didn’t surprise me, was that Matt naturally found himself talking about AI and Microservices. These are topics that are naturally suited to me, but not often that suited to a business leader.

And as it turns out it’s not David vs Goliath in the end, as the banks have become a partner of the brand, which is a testament to their service.

It’s also local to us Melbourne folks, so local in fact we recorded this in a room, all together, for the first time in what felt like years.

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