Nathaniel Raymond: The Wild West of Personal Data

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Nathaniel Raymond: The Wild West of Personal Data

Nathaniel Raymond

Your personal data is safe and sound. Protected by ethical companies with no real reason to sell it, manipulate it, and extract it. It’s grouped into categories, for which ads are served, decisions are made, benefits are realized and options are offered. These companies are governed by ethical foundations, with principles around what should and shouldn’t be done with your information. Leveraging AI that is unbiased, and explainable, you feel confident in all decisions, and how your data is used.

You following?

Pay attention because this is exactly what is not happening, and Nathaniel Raymond, a thought provoking professor and TED Talk activist, is going to help you realize that the ‘wild west’ of data governance needs to end. It’s life threatening, it’s a threat to democracy and it’s a threat to our way of life.

This podcast is long. But if you are patient, you’ll leave enlightened.


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