Gadgets: Peloton Heart Rate Band Review

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Gadgets: Peloton Heart Rate Band Review

I recently picked up the new Peloton Heart Rate Band and I’m really impressed with it. I own multiple heart rate monitors, wait for it, including;

  • Wahoo Tickr X Chest Strap
  • Scosche Rhythm
  • Orangetheory Heart Monitors (Chest, Arm)
  • Whoop Band
  • Apple Watch
  • Garmin
  • Peloton Chest Strap

So why on earth do I need another heart rate monitor? Well I probably don’t, but now I’ve tried, and reviewed the Peloton Heart Rate Band I’m impressed. In fact I bought another one for my wife.

5 Reasons Why I Love It!

Pairing and Connection

The Peloton HR Band automatically pops up on your Peloton screen. Just like your AirPods on your iPhone, it’s a really clean automatic sync.

Battery Life

I hate that my other HR bands don’t tell me how much battery is left. Peloton’s band does. So you won’t be left wondering why it’s not connecting, or why it dropped out mid workout. Recently during my workouts, my Wahoo dropped off midway through the class. In my 3 workouts so far, the Peloton Band hasn’t disconnected at all.


It’s way more comfortable than any other HR band I have. The strap is thick and feels like a sweat band.


Obviously you need accuracy when it comes to your HR band. I haven’t done a calibration test, my HR appears to be identical to what I get when I use my Wahoo. Given my Wahoo is around my chest, it’s extremely accurate, and my HR seems to be identical with Peloton HR. My Garmin, Apple Watch, and even my Whoop band are always way off when it comes to HR accuracy.

HR Zones

The Peloton HR band has lights which tells you what zone you are in. Honestly I am not sure why you need this, when your HR zones are displayed on the screen anyway, but I do think it’s a great feature when you are doing a Bootcamp, or Strength Class and you can just look at your arm and not the screen.

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