The United Project: Improving Workplace Mental Health – Greg Muller

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The United Project: Improving Workplace Mental Health – Greg Muller

Mental health is something we don’t really talk that much about. And yet, with the increase in social media, a pandemic that caused the biggest disruption to our work and life, and of course the constant fears now of an impending recession, mental health is just something we all should be talking more about.

We just don’t seem to ever talk about mental health. And this is a problem.

According to the World Health Organisation there are over 700,000 suicides each year. That number is simply heart breaking.

And whilst there is no evidence that the pandemic cause an increase in suicide rates, the majority of governments, have seen a dramatic increase in mental health support services, and our workforce productivity has slowed with the burden of home schooling, juggling kids, losing jobs, and worrying about the future.

Mental health issues affect so many of us. It’s proposed that nearly 50% of the population suffer from one form of mental health illness in their life time. And so the feelings of anxiousness, a loss of productivity, a lack of self worth …. these are not uncommon, and yet for the vast majority of the population, we are simply not working as productively as we could.

And maybe it’s because we don’t know how to address mental health issues in the workplace?

My guest on this podcast, is Greg Muller. Greg is a successful businessman, has floated a company on the ASX, but more importantly, he is currently channeling his efforts toward organizations that are addressing significant social challenges.

Greg co-founded a not-for-profit charitable foundation in 2020, The United Project Foundation focused on the early detection of mental health risks at work. His work, and the work of the United Project Foundation volunteers, is based around governance and training for company leaders to help facilitate a healthy, and happy, workforce. This is no easy task, but like my favourite peloton quote ‘it’s never easy, but it’s always worth it.’

Greg is also working with Nestd, who provide quality, architectural yet affordable, self-contained compact living solutions to the retirement, tourism and holiday home sectors. So basically think – quality prefabricated tiny houses. That’s pretty cool, but what is cooler is, Nestd is a social enterprise of the Kids Under Cover charity where all the Profits from every Nestd home sold go to fund Kids Under Cover’s life-changing work with youth who are at risk of homelessness.

About Greg Muller

For over 25 years, Greg has established himself as a highly regarded business leader, entrepreneur, innovator and commercialisation expert in corporate and government business, both domestically and internationally.

Greg specialises in strategy, growth and commercialisation advisory, governance, capital raisings and digital technology. A deep, curious and expansive thinker, Greg challenges existing ways of working to help businesses and leaders reposition and deliver accelerated growth.

Across his career, Greg has been the recipient of multiple business, industry and innovation awards, achieved multiple exits of companies he founded, including listing a technology business he founded on the ASX in 2016. He is an experienced Chairperson and is a Non-Executive Director on numerous company boards and is a sought-after speaker and mentor.

Greg now prioritises his time supporting purpose-led organisations and entrepreneurs who have a vision and commitment to deliver widespread impact for humanity and the environment; delivered ethically and sustainably, at scale. His project and investment portfolio is primary focused in health, housing, food and technology.

In 2020, Greg co-founded a not-for-profit charitable foundation, The United Project focused on the early detection of mental health risks at work.

Greg holds an MBA (University of Melbourne), Bachelor of Applied Science (University of SA), a Certificate in FinTech Risks & Ethics (University of Hong Hong) and is a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

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I hope you enjoy this podcast.


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