Twilio: Messaging Made Easy

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Twilio: Messaging Made Easy

Twilio is a leading SaaS software company that makes it easy to send and receive phone calls, text messages, and a host of other comms functions like video, email and more using its web service APIs.

It’s a company I have known, but not known enough about. Their events appear in my LinkedIn feed, and it looks like everyone is just having way too much fun. As I found out in this podcast, there are 9 million, yes 9 million people in the Twilio Community. That is extreme in a SaaS software world.

Given the importance of customer experience, and communications lying at the heart of this experience, it’s no wonder that a platform that can make communication easier, is flourishing.

In this podcast I physically recorded a session with David Coghill, an APJ Solutions Engineering leader based in Melbourne. Except the video hard drive failed me. The irony of being physical in a hybrid digital world wasn’t lost on me. Thankfully I’ve worked in tech long enough to ensure I had a back up plan, and we safely captured a really interesting audio conversation.

Our conversation wandered around a few interesting topics;

  1. What is Twilio and why are they doing so well?
  2. How easy is it to get started with messaging?
  3. The importance of a developer culture
  4. Some fascinating use cases including Domino’s pivoting during COVID to provide real time updates on in-store pizza production in order to minimise customers in store.
  5. The future of a cookie-less world.

We enjoyed chatting so much we decided to split it into 2 episodes.

About David:

David Coghill is Director of Solutions Engineering for Asia Pacific & Japan (APJ) at Twilio. In this role, David drives the strategy and direction for technical engagement in the sales cycle to bring new customers on board Twilio’s customer engagement platform. He leads a team of solution engineers across the region, and together, they partner with the Sales team to ensure the continued success of Twilio’s growth.

David has over 2 decades of experience working throughout the APJ region, from full-stack development to leading large teams of engineers and consultants, from customer service to digital marketing thought leadership, and project implementation to transformation guidance.

He’s currently based in Australia, and until recently was based in Singapore for 6 years.

Episode 1

Episode 2


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