Twilio – Putting Your Heart and Soul into Dev Experience

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Twilio – Putting Your Heart and Soul into Dev Experience

Twilio is a leading SaaS software company that makes it easy to send and receive phone calls, text messages, and a host of other comms functions like video, email and more using its web service APIs.

It’s a company I have known, but not known enough about. Their events appear in my LinkedIn feed, and it looks like everyone is just having way too much fun.

Given the importance of customer experience, and communications lying at the heart of this experience, it’s no wonder that a platform that can make communication easier, is flourishing.

In this podcast I was excited to chat to Vanessa Thompson, who is a senior marketer, from NZ based in San Fransisco.

Our conversation wandered around a few interesting topics;

  1. The evolution of API driven communication?
  2. Practice what you preach, a team that codes, and why that’s important.
  3. What is the culture, and the values that aligns Twilio together as one.
  4. The importance of embracing a developer culture and being transparent

About Vanessa Thompson

Vanessa is a Senior Director of Product Marketing at Twilio. Vanessa’s team covers the major communication channels; messaging, email, video, and account security as well as international team members in APJ and LATAM. Prior to this role, Vanessa was the marketing and hardware partnerships leader for the IoT business at Twilio.

Formerly, Vanessa was Senior VP of Customer Experience Insights at Bluewolf (a Salesforce consulting firm) and a Research VP at IDC, an industry analyst firm, where she spent 6 years building multiple research practices around collaboration, social software and customer experience.  Earlier in her career, Vanessa worked in various roles in banking, technology, and government in her home country of New Zealand. 


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