Zohar Shinar – Bond Home: Behind The Automated Curtain

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Zohar Shinar – Bond Home: Behind The Automated Curtain

Bond Bridge is my favourite home automation app. Through Somfy, and a Bond Bridge, I can control every single one of my curtains, shades and awnings in my house via their app or Home Assistant. When I first bought it, honestly I never thought it was going to work. I wondered why nobody else in the market had come up with a solution, and to be honest, I was shocked at how cheap it was to buy this gadget.

But it works, it’s automated, its cost effective, and it makes my life so damn simple. I have since recommended it to everyone and they too are just as happy as I am.

I loved it so much I decided I really needed to talk to the guy that made this thing. In this podcast you hear a true founder story.

  • The original challenge he was trying to solve – fixing a remote control, and automating some ceiling fans.
  • How he got started, and a funny story about pitching his idea to Home Depot.
  • How the technology works


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